Twijitsu, a short story, takes about an hour to read

When a relentless investigative reporter discovers Twijitsu—a remarkably simple contest designed to muzzle the president’s tweets—she finds the idea irresistible.
Who created the competition? Will it succeed? More than anything, she is dying to know if the president is already aware. (Yes, it turns out, he is.)
In a race with the White House to unmask Twijitsu’s anonymous founder, the reporter realizes she’s in over her head. As the contest’s popularity soars, the president’s behavior grows increasingly erratic. What will he do if the identity of Twijitsu’s mastermind is revealed?
“An excellent quick read that leaves you wondering ‘why the hell not?’”

—Amazon Reviewer

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"You know it's a good story when you turn to the next page almost before you've finished with the previous one."

"An intriguing idea. The story itself is a page turner but the ending is a big WOW. It will be continued in my mind with other possible scenarios."

Reading this short story made me smile. What a novel idea, to actually seek accountability on the part of our president and news media.”

“Short but great. He pins the president down to a T. I would recommend this to everybody. Just because it rings true.”

“Very clever! Made me wish it was real! Loved how the author described the president!”

“The tension builds and builds as we keep wondering how this is going to end. And the writing is very vivid and entertaining.”

"Very fun and thoughtful book! Definitely worth a read."