To win Twijitsu is simple:

The president must insult you on Twitter. First to be insulted wins.

Simple, yes, but more difficult than it sounds.

If all it took was a Twitter insult, too many people would unintentionally win.

To ensure parity, entrants must start a new Twitter handle

Ultimately, that's where the president must deliver his abuse.

Winners cannot attract the president's attention by trolling.

Twijitsu values contestants who confront the president with a plausible campaign for meaningful improvement.


Anybody can (and should) participate.

Tweet your entry to @SYPlify using the hashtag #Twijitsu.

Until further notice, contest winners get nothing more than social media bragging rights.

*** Much more important than crowning Twijitsu winners is the unintended impact of every insult ***

The bigger the contest gets, the more likely abusive tweets from the president will set off a social media flurry wondering...

Was that a #Twijitsu winner?


How might the president react knowing his invective could backfire?

Perhaps he will stop with the insults.

Perhaps not.

For us, it's fun either way.

Don't wish to enter? You can support #Twijitsu.

(1) Follow @SYPlify

(2) Tweet the hashtag (be creative!)

(3) Retweet favorite entries and updates

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How to Enter


First, start a new Twitter handle from scratch (you'll need a unique email address to start a new Twitter account). To be eligible to win, you must have no followers as of May 24, 2018 (the start of the contest). Otherwise, it wouldn't be jujitsu!

Second, tweet @SYPlify using your new handle and the hashtag #Twijitsu. Let everybody know how you're planning to make the most of your entry.

What To Do



When you associate yourself, your organization, or your ideas with Twitter Jujitsu, you're saying that you're tired of the attention-seeking co-dependency between the president and the media.


Instead, you want to see media coverage of the great things that are happening throughout the world. To be clear, you are one of those great things.

Be creative. Be bold. But don't be mean.

How To Win



The president isn't going to insult just anybody. You need a platform, you need presence, and you need "a plausible campaign for meaningful improvement." Then you must find a way to present your idea in a way that would grab the president's attention (doesn't have to be on Twitter).

Maybe—just maybe—if you confront the president, he'll strike back. And if he knows where to find the new you on Twitter, you might just win (bragging rights only).