Twijitsu is an Amazon Free #1 Best Seller!

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Yesterday was a good day. When I first woke up, I checked that my promotions were running and that Twijitsu was, indeed, free on Amazon. 75 people had already downloaded the book. Would they ever read it? Who knows. At least something was happening.

By 11:00, Twijitsu was the #5 free download in the "Political Thrillers and Suspense" category and #4 in "Short Stories by a Single Author." To a wannabe writer, that looked pretty cool.

My excitement was dampened a bit by the first review from the freebie crowd. "2 stars (out of 5): Confused ... Didn't understand a whole lot about this read. Not being a Twitter fan probably explains it. What does the ending mean? Still confused."

Bummer. I get it, though. The story moves pretty fast and some of the most important information arrives in rapid dialog and tweets. Plus, I make quite a few leaps regarding the public's response to the contest. Remember, the story is fiction (but the contest is real!).

Amped nonetheless, I took the chance of hitting my entire personal mailing list with a breathless update asking for help sharing on social media. Perhaps it was that mailing that pushed Twijitsu to the top. Maybe it's something else. When I woke up this morning, today's downloads were already over 500 (yesterday finished in the 800's), and Twijitsu had reached #1 in "Political Thrillers and Suspense."

Twijitsu #1 in "Political Thrillers and Suspense" (9/19/18)

Can't wait to dig in and find out what's causing this. If I figure it out, I'll share.

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