Story Renamed "Twijitsu" is Published

Awareness continues to percolate. Without a hint of marketing—not counting the "#Twijitsu" Amazon re-release Thursday evening and a single pinned tweet mentioning no one—it's interesting to watch the website numbers grow. At first (last weekend), it was just me, my iPad, and my phone. Then a few people each in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Michigan happened upon the site from Twitter and Amazon "Look Inside" referrals. A burst of eight Michiganders found the website and poked around late Thursday and into Friday morning.

Nobody is jumping in yet, reading the story and/or entering the contest. But it seems like one person might be spreading the word somewhere near Detroit. One way or another, it all starts with a single spark.

The website will get a usability upgrade and a story sample within the next few days. The eBook will become available in a wide variety of digital bookstores. If all goes well, I might send out a few tweets and an email or two toward the end of the week.

Taking it slow, watching it grow.

Twijitsu logo
Twitter Jujitsu tightens up with the #Twijitsu hashtag and story title

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