Paperback Now Available; Let's Go To Market

Everything takes longer than expected, but I finally got the paperback cover completed. Amazon rejected my original cover (the one they accepted for the Kindle version) because my pen name wasn't shown on the cover, nor in the page headers. I guess it's a bigger deal if I confuse print readers, and displaying a Twitter handle as a story's author is definitely confusing to some (most?). In any case, print returns are a problem; digital returns are not (at least, not for Amazon). I get it.

So, now I'm clearly identified as Snider Vichon. My book cover displays my pen name as does the @SYPlify Twitter account and My pen name was already on the copyright page, so it's not like I went to great pains to hide it. I just thought it might be more fun if it wasn't so obvious (and very few people read the copyright page). It's still going to be fun, though. My real name certainly isn't Snider Vichon!

Before kicking off any marketing, I wanted to inspect a copy of the book. I ordered a couple of proofs. Three days later, I held my first paperback. Even though it's only 100 pages, it's real. Seeing my first book in print—flipping the pages, admiring the format, reading excerpts—is much different than digitally flipping through a Kindle copy. The sense of accomplishment covers so much more than this one book. I've written many hundreds of thousands of words over the past three years. These are the first 13,000 that are finished (first edition, anyway). Now I can see a path to publishing some of my other work.

However, there's still work to do with Twijitsu in hopes of getting the contest to take off. I'm now learning how to market a book, starting with a few advertising campaigns on Amazon (which began July 17, 2018—again, after a few failures to launch). I'm also beginning to tweet using the @SYPlify handle. First off, I've acknowledged those who inspired the story (Meryl Streep, Kara Swisher, Eminem, Charlie Booker, and Hugh Howey). I'm always watching @POTUS for qualifying insults, or in Twijitsu terms, people who could have won. Every time we experience a qualifying insult, I'm going to need to do something with it. And you never know what Twitter will drop in your lap. Whatever it is, I'm hoping for something more like a puppy, less like a turd. But, who knows, either could work.

More updates to come as (if) milestones occur.

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