On Hold for a Day or Two (New Story Title)

After publishing the first edition eBook on Amazon last weekend, I decided to wait a few days and watch what, if anything, happened organically. As it turned out, not much. A tiny bit of awareness perked up around the US, but nobody bought the story and nobody followed @SYPlify on Twitter. Not a surprise given I did zero marketing—not on Amazon, search, social media, or just telling friends and family.

Never quite comfortable with the title, I decided to unpublish the eBook and update it with the new title, "Twijitsu" (which essentially gives the contest a nickname that I prefer). That means I have revisions to make—manuscript, website, and marketing. After making all the necessary updates, I will go wide with distribution and initiate the marketing plan.

I'm glad I slow-rolled the release. The new title and cover are tighter. I'll leave the contest start date at 4/27/18. No need to change that. The "Twitter Jujitsu" name and concept remain exactly the same. The contest hashtag, however, will be shortened to #Twijitsu (saving six crucial characters!).

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