Google ("google llc") is my Michigan audience

In my last post, I noted that it seems somebody in Detroit is spreading the word about Twitter Jujitsu. Turns out that's not true. I believe Google's search crawlers originate from the Detroit area. So, I learned how to tune my website analytics filters to exclude search crawlers (and a bunch of other analytics spam). As part of the process, I removed all "goolge llc" service provider traffic from my analytics.

Good news: Now the traffic looks realistic. Honest news: It's clear the contest has not (yet) found an audience. I must admit, I was hoping Twijitsu would just catch on from a random spark. But, it looks like I'll have to do some marketing—though not until I figure out how to get a decent-looking version of the story distributed via Draft2Digital.

As promised, has been updated to encourage visitors to read a few sample chapters (chapters one, two, and three introduce the contest and the main characters). Website usability was improved with tighter copy and fewer links sending people to Amazon. Also, the price of the story has been reduced to $0.99.

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