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As it turns out, marketing a book—even a book with social media virality baked into the story—is hard work. The trick is to get the momentum going without some sort of ridiculous provocation (after all, that is the Twijitsu ethos).

Over the past two months, I've run a half dozen Amazon Marketing Services ad campaigns. Using my new @SYPlify handle, I've tried tweeting, replying directly to the president's tweets (a direct insult of LeBron James and Don Lemon ... wow), and retweeting (mostly the awesome work of the Bill Gates foundation). I've tried price points as low as $0.99. I've removed the book from everywhere except Amazon so that I could sign up for Amazon's KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) Select program. This allows Twijitsu to be read for free by millions of Kindle Unlimited subscribers worldwide.

Still, without active prompting (either ads, direct emails, or personal discussions), it's nearly impossible to get anyone to buy the book. Even if they do buy a copy (so far, a few dozen have), there's little evidence that anyone is reading it. Until yesterday's 83 pages, not even Kindle Unlimited readers were interested, if at all aware, of Twijitsu.

What to do? Easy. Keep trying new things.

Amazon's KDP Select program allows me to give away the book for free to Amazon Kindle readers for up to five days. I've chosen to use three of those days from Tuesday, September 18 through Thursday, September 20. There's nothing special about these dates. I needed enough time to set up free giveaway notifications through a number of eBook newsletters and social media promotion services.

I also wrote a press release that won't be released. All the PR distribution services require a phone number, and I'm not ready to provide one at this time. Instead, I'll just post the press release on this blog. It won't get read (much?), but it also won't be wasted.

If this free Amazon Kindle giveaway doesn't ignite any interest, I'll try something else. So far, this publishing journey has been uneventful. I always wonder if and when that might change.

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