Twijitsu to the Rescue (Press Release, 9/17/18)

For Release 06:00 EDT, September 17, 2018 Let’s Quash the President’s Twitter Insults: Twijitsu to the Rescue Twitter Jujitsu, or Twijitsu, leverages the president’s Twitter insults as a cause for celebration Silicon Valley, CA — September 17, 2018 — We’ve all read the president’s insults on Twitter. According to CNN, the president has attacked nearly 100 people on Twitter since taking office. Recently, he blasted the intelligence of NBA superstar LeBron James and CNN’s Don L

Story Renamed "Twijitsu" is Published

Awareness continues to percolate. Without a hint of marketing—not counting the "#Twijitsu" Amazon re-release Thursday evening and a single pinned tweet mentioning no one—it's interesting to watch the website numbers grow. At first (last weekend), it was just me, my iPad, and my phone. Then a few people each in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Michigan happened upon the site from Twitter and Amazon "Look Inside" referrals. A burst of eight Michiganders found the

On Hold for a Day or Two (New Story Title)

After publishing the first edition eBook on Amazon last weekend, I decided to wait a few days and watch what, if anything, happened organically. As it turned out, not much. A tiny bit of awareness perked up around the US, but nobody bought the story and nobody followed @SYPlify on Twitter. Not a surprise given I did zero marketing—not on Amazon, search, social media, or just telling friends and family. Never quite comfortable with the title, I decided to unpublish the eBook a